Assess the invisible.


Using traditional FBI profiling techniques and cutting edge research on crime scene assessments, we will provide a case assessment from a behavioral, forensic, and investigative perspective. Ideal for a “fresh eyes” perspective on an adjudicated case prior to an expensive legal collateral attack or media investigative documentary. Deposition? Recorded interview review? We are Subject Matter Experts in the detection of deception.

Cyber Security/Virtual CISO Services

Is your organization ready for a Chief Information Security Officer? Technical controls are only part of the answer. We provide unique combined behavioral and technical virtual consultative services.


Get it right from the start. The Gyges Group prides itself on direct, candid commentary on a vast range of issues dealing with all aspects of National Security, Law Enforcement, Defense, Intelligence and Technology beholden to one category – the truth.

For the Entertainment Industry – entertain and inform with a product that reflects the reality of succeeding on these issues for over twenty years. Ideal On-Screen Talent for realistic investigative content.


Full Insider Threat Program Consultation/Assessment based on NIST and CERT Best practices and applied in a unique employee life cycle model and based on your resources available — easy to understand, practical to implement. This is the weakest link to most organizations which have often made their touchpoints for external attackers well protected. Practical guidance, behavioral profiling techniques and consultation to an active investigation.


With extensive experience in significant major cases, search warrant execution, and incident response in many different environments, we can help you navigate the immediate crisis situation that overcomes your work streams the moment you realize your network has been breached, and stay with you all the way through remediation. What Cybersecurity firm do you hire? What skills will they need? Do you need outside counsel? How long will this likely take? How do I avoid being taken advantage of? Protect yourself from the “Change Order” request from the less than candid vendor before it is too late.

From a proactive services standpoint, we also offer a unique engagement – a “role play” of a Federal Agent in your Table Top Exercise Services offering. This adds a dose of reality, and a unique training opportunity to learn how you should interact with Law Enforcement – what they can do for you and how that initial interaction will likely play out.


Unlock the keys to someone’s personality remotely (without actual physical interaction or direct testing). Do you have a need to assess, interact, and persuade hostile business adversaries, potential allies, or business partners? How about a significant upcoming negotiation? Possible takeover target and the need to assess key C Suite members vulnerabilities and personality styles? With over 10 years in remote personality assessment, preparing and preparing others for major interviews and negotiations with terrorists, criminals difficult subjects and witnesses, our skills can help you.


Entertain and educate your audiences with an ideal keynote address from the experiences of an FBI Profiler, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence Special Agent, Navy Fighter Pilot and Wall Street Bond Salesman. In an entertaining format, these are several topics taught and presented to law enforcement leaders and investigators, intelligence officials, and interested parties from all over the world:

– 9/11: Inspiration and Trepidation – From the FBI Special Agent agent who was denied the ability to pursue two of the hijackers in the weeks before 9/11, what we have learned – and not yet learned – within Law Enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and the United States as a whole.

– Challenges to the FBI in the Digital Age: A Field Agent’s Frontline Perspective – a look at balancing privacy, security, and looking for clues and attribution in the big data available to investigators today.

– An Overview of Behavioral and Criminal Profiling: Useful or Not? – the FBI calls it Criminal Investigative Analysis, what is it, how does it compare to other investigative methods out there, and what, if anything is its utility?

– Concepts of Behavioral & Cyber Profiling: The Experience of the FBI’s first CyberProfiler – discusses a few of the tenets of behavioral analysis and profiling as well as key concepts the cybersecurity and security professional can apply immediately to assess their security stack and the threat – physical and cyber.

– Understanding Online Behavior: Affects Good and Bad – socially, individually, what are the major themes of how we are being affected by our online behavior and interaction with others.

– Detecting Deception: Experiences of an FBI Special Agent and Profiler – a candid look at “lie” (deception) detection from a body language, linguistic and common sense perspective.

Steve Bongardt is a Virginia Registered Private Investigator, doing business as Gyges Investigations, a Virginia Licensed Private Security Service, that capitalizes on Criminal Profiling and Digital Forensics skills to conduct professional Investigations to gather information on individuals, groups or businesses, locate sensitive records, and conduct interviews and surveillance.”

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