What We Do

The Gyges Group LLC was created in 2013 to establish a private consulting practice specializing in the intersection of cyber security, security and behavior. To properly prepare for the threat, and engage if need be, you need someone who can understand the technical aspects, integrate human behavior, and provide you with an immediate road map of options and strategy — clearly and without bias. When necessary, we partner with highly vetted and specific multi-disciplinary experts in the fields that assist us to solve your specific needs.

Subject Matter Expertise For:

  • Criminal and Behavioral Profiling
  • Network Intrusion — External Actor and Insider Threat or Unauthorized Access
  • Terrorism, National Security, and Economic Espionage Matters
  • Computer Forensics
  • Media Consultation
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Meet Steve Bongardt

Steve Bongardt, President of The Gyges Group, was an FBI certified Criminal Profiler, Computer Forensic Examiner, Counterterrorism Agent, Counterintelligence Agent, SWAT Sniper and SWAT Operator. He was the founder of the Cyber Behavioral Analysis Program at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, where he developed the ability to assess an individual’s personality traits and characteristics based on their online and offline behavior.

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