Steve Bongardt is a Virginia Registered Private Investigator, doing business as Gyges Investigations, a Virginia Licensed Private Security Service, VA License #11-15747, that capitalizes on Criminal Profiling and Digital Forensics skills to conduct professional Investigations to gather information on individuals, groups or businesses, locate sensitive records, and conduct interviews and surveillance.


  • Gather information on an Individual

  • Gather information on a Business

  • Locate Sensitive Records

  • Conduct Surveillance

  • Interviews

As a Licensed Private investigator and Trained Criminal Profiler, we conduct Professional Investigations for:

  • Background Investigations

  • Person Location

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Exit Interviews

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Hiring/Suitability Interviews

  • Attorney Investigative Assistance

  • Juvenile Investigations

  • Process Server

  • Record Retrieval

  • Property/Arson Investigations

  • Product Liability Investigations

  • Asset Searches

  • Medical Mal-Practice Investigations

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Activity Checks

  • Computer Forensic Investigations and Related Interviews

  • Security Consulting/Survey Interviews and Investigations

  • Threat/Vulnerability Assessment, Interviews, and Investigations

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