Retired FBI Agent – Steve Bongardt

Being an FBI Agent, Cybersecurity, and What it Takes

Steve Bongardt, retired FBI agent, took time out recently to talk to Amar Singh from Cyber Management Alliance as part of their exclusive Insights With Cyber Leaders series. Steve opened up about his early career in the Navy and multiple applications to become an FBI agent, the impact of cyber security on his time as an agent.”

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Agencies’ approach to cyber forensics and recovery

Steve Bongardt, president of the Gyges Group, discusses the timeline of the investigation into the 2015 hack of the Office of Personnel Management and how the FBI works with other agencies during these types of investigations.

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The Hunt for A Serial Killer

Season 1 Ep 27/30/2017

As three more women disappear, the town becomes fearful of a serial killer. Joe and Angela enlist the help of criminal profiler, Steve Bongardt. One possible murderer is caught and convicted. But is he the real killer?

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Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio’ Official Trail

Criminal Profiler and Investigator Steve Bongardt appears in Spike Investigative Documentary which premieres on July 22, 2017

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